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Friday, 22 August 2014

10 Big Life Advices To Paste At Your Working desk

>> Thinking big is truly great & works magically, but action is unavoidably necessary.

>> Working hard is not the only thing you need to be successful, you should first have a solid plan & positive belief the most to divert your efforts into fruitful direction.

>> You may force yourself to do what you don't like and achieve great results by working hard (if everything went successful), but when you do what you like, success becomes secondary & work becomes muse.

>> Choosing your hobby as your profession gives you ultimate power to work hard consistently & offers you the chance to be THE BEST YOU on earth.

>> Don't give up your life dreams for short term goals. Otherwise what you get won't make you happy at the end.

>> Don't try to please everybody. You won't ever succeed at doing that. Try to please your soul. As you do what makes you happy, you will be more likely to make others happy.

>> Keep learning & upgrading yourself. It is necessary if you want to last long on your position.

>> Your own inner voice is most powerful advisor of yours than any other book & person, no matter how famous it is.

>> Even if you stay aware & consciously moderating your actions, bad companionship can badly ruin your life and keep you from every goal. Be with people you would love to be sort of.

>> You can't do every single mistake in this world as life is too short for that, learn from experts and add your own soul in your work, this will make you successful.

Bless you.