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Monday, 24 March 2014

100+ Viral Websites To Kill Your Boredom Instantly

VIRAL WEBSITES....aaah that's something i love Internet for! Whenever i'm tired or want to escape my thoughts, this is the best remedy. Viral websites are websites with any random stuff that's awe inspiring either good or bad way, but the best thing is that it inspire you to share that stuff with your friends and colleagues. Yes. Stuff that's viral.

After almost two years of my search for viral,  cool websites, i have found literally hundreds of viral websites that are cool as hell. Here are best 100 from them which you can use everyday to fire your creativity and kill the boredom by smashing it on its head! Some of this are random websites while some are focused on specific kinda stuff, but it is for sure that you will love each of this viral websites. So enjoy!

Viral Image Of Realistic 3D Tatoo

Monday, 17 March 2014

17 Tips To Get Lucky From Today

Lucky People
I don't know you are lucky or not but i'm sure you have seen many lucky people around you who are always at right place, on the right time with right opportunities. Some tell it's law of attraction some tell it's fortune and some people say it is just a co-incidence. But believe me, there is nothing like anything that makes them lucky.

Being the lucky one himself and having marked hundreds of lucky people, i have crystal clear idea of what is it that makes people lucky. I'm not here to prove you wrong or to boast about my luck but i'm here just to share my thoughts & observations over good luck. Except some pure, clear co-incidences I think more than 90% people are lucky just because they have following things in common:

Sunday, 16 March 2014

World's Largest Tree

This tree is 3200 years old, 27 feet trunk & 247 feet in height. It is called "The President" & before the National Geographic carried out the campaign to take its photo, it had never ever been captured in single shot. The photo you are seeing is merged image of almost half hundred separate images. I Hope you are able to see the man standing at the roots in this photo! Click upon the image to see it enlarged.

world's largest tree- photo

Thursday, 13 March 2014

What Happens When A Cock, A Cat & A Snake Meet? Quite Funny! Checkout This 27 Sec Video

How Manisha Goswami Made INR 2,00,000/Month With Her Blogger Blog

Sometimes all you need to be successful is a wonderful idea (or more specifically, a wonderful blog.). Today i'm here to share an amazing blogging case study about an Indian blog which made its owner earn more than 2,00,000 Indian rupees per month. And what it took of her? Few dedicated work hours a day and a smart idea to work upon (& of course a free blogspot blog)

Yes that is all it took to reach to more than 2,00,000 INR/month blog.  

Her name is Manisha Goswami.

In India, there are thousands of blogger who blog for money and most of them just copy/paste others' ideas but Manisha Goswami had a simple blog idea that even she did not know could make her so successful.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

World's Most Beautiful & Cute 11 Insects

Do you love nature? Even if you don't, you must see this 12 beautiful insects made by nature at its highest level of beauty. This insects will make you believe that nature is truly the mightiest artist itself!

1. Golden Tortoise Beetle 
Golden Tortoise - Beautiful insects

Freebies- 2 Free Stylish Motivation Wallpapers For Your Laptop (1366x768)

Click upon image to enlarge it & then right click and save image in your device

Being Myself Rocks- Motivation wallpaper

Monday, 10 March 2014

10 Pledges You Should Take Right Now For Sake Of Your Happy Future

1. I will always ask WHY, WHAT, WHERE, HOW & WHEN before taking any important decision of my life.
Tough Decisions Ahead- self improvement

A Man Without Arms & Legs Similar To You Gives You A Song To Remember For Lifetime

Your Life Could Be Better. Much Better.

Who don't want to be happy? Who don't like to wander everywhere and do crazy things? But what could your life be without legs & arms? If you think, you're unlucky & feel unhappy, you need to see this video. It will surely make you believe that your life is truly awesome & you should make the most out of it, no matter whatever happens to you, you can make it better. Much better.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

50 Best Websites for Geeks & Gadget Lovers

50 Websites For Cool Geeks For gadgets

Hi geeks. I hope you're the one. If not, you can move on. This list of 50 Best Websites is intended for serious tech lovers who love to spend their time looking and dreaming of gadgets, technology and mind boggling concepts. All this websites are carefully hand-picked so that you don't have to spend hours over search engines to find truly gadget-oriented websites. Hope you love it, please don't forget to share. It means a lot of for me :) Enjoy.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

10 Advices To Paste At Your Favorite Place


For a better you, just write it out on a blank page & paste it somewhere at your favorite place. This 10 things will keep you reminding what you lack of & what is missing thing in your complete happiness. Believe me, it is sure to produce some really magnificent results.