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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

10 Advices To Paste At Your Favorite Place


For a better you, just write it out on a blank page & paste it somewhere at your favorite place. This 10 things will keep you reminding what you lack of & what is missing thing in your complete happiness. Believe me, it is sure to produce some really magnificent results.


What do you think is the most important success factor in life? 

It's relationships my friend.

See, i called you friend and you liked it. Didn't you? 

When i call you friend, i feel so and i write from bottom my heart. I feel intimacy with you and that's all i need to get your attention. 

Forever, develop trustworthy relationships with people. Yes its sometime risky to trust everybody ,but the more risky is that you trust nobody. 

Be with people & they will be with you . Give time to your work and skills but share your happy moments with other peoples. There will be times in your life when you will feel bad, when you are in misery, when you need some support & if you have supported anybody in your life, they will surely stand by you in your BADs . Just like a boomerang whatever you throw to other people, will return to you at the end of the day.


Whatever is said about money and people who have it , the fact is that its an essential thing for everybody . Money is a confidence factor.

I listened a dialogue in a very famous Indian movie . The scene was like -- there is hero of the movie who has recently earned some money after a big economic breakdown & yet he starts invest it again and spending it madly, his boss asks him why does he do it even though he has recently covered up from a serious economic breakdown. Guess what he answered ? His answer was  " Boss we are the middle class people , we automatically get confident when we have money". It's a common instinct that having money adds you a lot of confidence.

Most of us are middle class or even lower, so we understand need of money. No matter whether you tell the people about need of other things more than money. Inside, you would surely have felt that money is necessity. When you have money, there is no restriction for you at almost any place. Sometimes poor relationships can also be complemented by money. So before achieving other goals of your life, you will need to achieve money. Try to understand this things as earlier as you can and start right now finding ideas to earn money.


To show your capability and to let the people believe in you, you need confidence. And how you prove your confidence? Obviously by ravishing personality . 

 No no..personality never means being cool, doing things in stylish way, or being a macho man or a rude girl. Personality is just supposed to supplement your thoughts & field of work. That's why business people are always seen in suits , that's why doctors are always in light colored dresses. 

It's not only the way you represent your dressing. Your personality is about how you behave with others, how you walk, how you talk, the way you smile, the way you speak, the way you show-off & your attitude. Overall , a combo of your unique features and demerits . So next time whenever you step out try to look what you are, not like what you should be, or what others expect. 

Accept challenges, overcome people's expectations, express your sell, do your heart tells you. Dynamic personality often adopts good techniques and good manners. Being bad may not be preferable for some peoples but being good is praised anywhere.

4.Your nature

Yep its a part of personality, but it's so much important that it was worth a separate mention.There are lots of people who are successful in life but inside they are irritated with all others . They always complain about other peoples. You know why? Just because they aren't good enough to be there. Try to build your nature dynamically. Behave to people the way they like . It doesn't mean that from now on you have to be like their servants but you have to be intimate to everybody. 

Not being proud, but in my life i have so much intimate relations with people that even if we meet only twice a year, they share me their secrets which even their parents don't know. 

How it's possible? Because they know that i will never  break their trust, i talk with them nicely, with eye in eye. They see a nice person in me and that's why they believe me and want me to be with. This kind of nature profits you a lot. You will be asked for opportunities because when you think for others' good they will think of yours. That's the secret of being happy and making others happy.


Oh...happiness, how can i forget. 

It's said that "Whatever your world is, its nothing but the reflection of what you are inside" . So true. You can self-observe it. The people who are self-blunt will find everybody blunt. The people who are poor will have poor friends. People who are honest will find honesty to be the best policy. So basically what i'm talking about is seeing the world happy needs yourself to be happy.

There is a friend of mine who is always happy. He loved a girl who was her relative . And in our region the marriage between close relatives is not allowed, so his hairs started falling in grief. Once he thought of this and decided never to be sad. Within few days, his hairs stopped falling magically. Now he knew the power of happiness. So he began to live happily always. He always remained funny, talking about nice things, sharing jokes to people and inspiring others to be happy & from that magic touch, i have seen many of my friends converting to a totally different attractive personalities. Girls are now dying to be her girlfriend but he is now boyfriend of the girl he loved.

Another friend named Harsh. When he got admission in college I was his first room mate in our hostel. He had never brought good results (almost never more than 60%, ever) and when he saw me doing fun everytime, never reading seriously and yet bringing distinction in finals of college, he asked me the reason. I simply told him never to be sad & always stay happy whatever situation is there. Then he gradually started following it. He now remained happy, he enjoyed bunking the lectures and doing adventures. 

Overall , he started living fully & guess what? In the very first semester of college he brought highest marks in college & now he was the most rocking person of his class. Nobody in his family trusted his result at the first when he informed them. That was the magic of happiness. So when are you starting to live happily?


Many times you would have heard that "knowledge is wealth " but have you ever observed it? 

If you don't have observed then start observing, my friend. Observation is the technique to learn anywhere, anytime & any place. Many times, you might have faced that due to some little piece of knowledge you become able to impress a huge group of people while others can't do it. 

Having knowledge produces a chain reaction & gets you to progress. See how, when you have knowledge and you apply it somewhere, people will see it. When people see it, they will come to know your ability in that thing & if you are much good at your craft than others, you will come to their mind whenever people need it. So they will ask you to help them do that & if you are capable to do it you can also do that to earn something . 

However, knowledge alone is not solely enough. There are two to three ingredients that you need to add with it to make it more spicy & salable. And those are 1.Promote Yourself, 2.Practice It & 3.Upgrade It, just like any product life cycle you first have to get it then you have to apply it, then market it. Even after that you have to keep upgrading to hold your place.

So essentially, what i want to say is keep on observing, keep on asking & keep on getting challenges to get some extra dose of knowledge minerals. It will keep your life healthier.

7.Spiritual insight

Now this is somewhat debatable, because not everybody believe in god. 

But who said that spirituality is all related to god & supernaturals..Steve Jobs, you would have probably heard of, was  founder of apple computers- that made a record of getting 2 million sales orders of the very famous iphone5, was used to do his tasks spiritually. sometimes he thought of computers to be spiritual devices. he dreamed of open grass and classical music moving that grass leaves with wind & he just fell like a statue on the floor. Also in the ending days of his life, he visited India & other places in search of piece of mind .

Spirituality means having a soulful nature as per my view. Whatever you do, do it spiritually. Have a spirit in doing it. Have so much concentration & interest that you feel like meditating. A focused mind is more powerful then a chaotic cosmos . Try to find your aim of life spiritually . Try to find what gives you happiness & peace of mind . 

So keep on doing what keeps you focused and keeps you in a positive state, making you happier, just like me writing a blog for you my friends! :)

8.The do factor

No matter how much powerful your mind & thought are, they are of no use until you apply them. There would surely be a lot of people around you who are excellently skilled & much more talented than other peoples you know. But they are never highlighted, they never come in front pages while others do.

Why you think it happens?

Just because they have never applied it. They have never done anything which was needed to make them famous or to make them precious ones.

Until i had started blogging, my thoughts & writing skills were also useless. People loved my writings but they were of no meaning till i written it here, where i wanted it to be. I had to learn blogging for it. It took so much time & hard work to make it famous but at the end of the day, i got what i needed & deserved just because i did it. 

Lenovo ,the dominating computers company in china had a tagline "for those who do" . See, they have learnt a very important lesson of success & due to that they are now almost set to rock second highest market country, India too. Doers never set calmly . They don't just think but keep on experiencing & that's why they are the most knowledgeable & influential everywhere . 

If you start doing right now, you may fail today, but surely the point will come when you will get what you deserved, & that is success. By doing, you will day by day become more eligible for success because you will get knowledge of at least what you shouldn't do even if you fail. There will be more possibility of success for you then novices. That's why MNCs asks for peoples with experience of many years. They have did it & they know what to do & what not to do. 

Having experience is better than having knowledge. That's why we have number of millionaires in gujarat, India, who have never studied even up to secondaries. They had started experiencing their fields since very early days of life.


All the things above are just like a treasure which is locked by a golden key & that key is commitment. If you have a commitment for success, there is nobody in the world who can stop you getting it. If you are not successful, it is just because you are not strongly committed to your goals. You have never had a strong dedication for that. 

There may be hundreds of reasons for why you should be successful. But this one is enough to put a cross on you. Whenever you take a task in your hands, stand with commitment that you will put all your powers in it. You will do everything to fulfill it & you will never let any other thing be obstacle in this path.

Each & every successful person in world was committed to his  task. I have met a lot of successful people in life who are successful & those who are failures. One of the major difference between them is commitment. Committed people never look after results. They just add their soul & heart with all their senses & create masterpieces. So if you want  to get something, just be committed to it & that's all. You are now all set to rise a fire .


Along with mental strength, don't you think that the physical health is also necessary? 
It's for sure that the more healthier you are, the more positive you are about your abilities. Now question is, what it takes to be healthier? 

It's simple. It's just the level of awareness . I don't advice you to eat fruits all the time or keep on walking all day. But you can adjust your working spaces & food habits such a way that you get some vital  nutrition daily & a bit of exercise so that you never need to do it all day when you are completely covered with illness. 

Just add a fresh fruit to your list, keep list changing & walk 15 minutes a day. Bath carefully, keep things clean & stay tension free. That's all you have to do. Except exercises ,you don't have to spend any extra time to build up a good health. Just make it your routine & you will surely be healthier., forever.

So friends, i hope you will at least try to implement this changes in your life, because as soon as you do it, your life will start changing to positive. I know implementing this all is not possible at once but many small drops make a complete river, so ad a bit of positivity in your life everyday and your life will be fully positive in few days.

Hope you enjoyed. Please share the happiness, share this post. Sharing is caring. Have a nice day!