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Thursday, 13 March 2014

How Manisha Goswami Made INR 2,00,000/Month With Her Blogger Blog

Sometimes all you need to be successful is a wonderful idea (or more specifically, a wonderful blog.). Today i'm here to share an amazing blogging case study about an Indian blog which made its owner earn more than 2,00,000 Indian rupees per month. And what it took of her? Few dedicated work hours a day and a smart idea to work upon (& of course a free blogspot blog)

Yes that is all it took to reach to more than 2,00,000 INR/month blog.  

Her name is Manisha Goswami.

In India, there are thousands of blogger who blog for money and most of them just copy/paste others' ideas but Manisha Goswami had a simple blog idea that even she did not know could make her so successful.

Manisha was an IT girl switching between jobs like other IT girls. One day she started a blog called She had a simple motive and that was to build a blog that could serve the people in find Indian government jobs easily.

She wanted to solve the problem of people who found it very hard to locate too many different government websites and proper jobs in their list. There were so many different websites to look for. What Manisha did was, to collect information about government jobs wherever she could and publish it in her blog daily.

Finding government job details was not too tough for her because employment news and other resources were easily available at railway station stalls. She had to only publish it. As she was an IT girl, she readily knew how to maintain blog.

Since the very first post she did, she always kept her focus laser sharp, and that was, to provide systematic listing of government jobs. Unlike other bloggers who could have flooded the blog with interview questions, and job tips, she kept on providing dependable job news. Manisha woke up 4 A.M. every morning and kept posting 4-5 new government job postings everyday.  

Now after more than three years of her first post, she is making almost 2,00,000 INR/month which is even better than many jobs at Google itself. She has more than 5,00,000 RSS subscribers and more than 5000 twitter followers which is more than even established SEOs. Now she has purchased her own domain which is as successful as her blogspot blog & where she post the government jobs regularly.

So what do we money lovers have to learn from her story? Here are few thing money-bloggers could learn from her:

  • Provide solutions to people and they will be loyal to your blog.
  • Focus on particular niche and don't add other distractions to your blog. She offers nothing more than employment news, not even interview tips.
  • Design of your blog is secondary, first thing you need is usefulness.
  • Working hard is not the only option to be successful blogger, sometimes all you need is a big idea and consistency. In her words "Its about talking less and doing your stuff with patience. Its about believing in what you are doing and never expecting much too early.
    I am not saying you to start a job blog today. I just want you to start a blog with a channelized content with focus on certain topic, so that you can create users of a particular interest over time. It can be anything for which the world is searching around. Just open your eyes." & lastly,
  • Use offline resources to get your blog content without copyright infringement ;)
So? What's your opinion? Do you also know any person who made significant success with blogging, i'll love to hear it, please leave your comments. Have a nice day! 

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