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Monday, 17 March 2014

17 Tips To Get Lucky From Today

Lucky People
I don't know you are lucky or not but i'm sure you have seen many lucky people around you who are always at right place, on the right time with right opportunities. Some tell it's law of attraction some tell it's fortune and some people say it is just a co-incidence. But believe me, there is nothing like anything that makes them lucky.

Being the lucky one himself and having marked hundreds of lucky people, i have crystal clear idea of what is it that makes people lucky. I'm not here to prove you wrong or to boast about my luck but i'm here just to share my thoughts & observations over good luck. Except some pure, clear co-incidences I think more than 90% people are lucky just because they have following things in common:

1- Lucky people have goals, not plans
However there is crystal clear idea of goal, lucky people don't have set paths in their mind. They tend to adapt the situations and work accordingly. It makes your success much faster. Changes in circumstances don't bother lucky people, they just adapt whatever there is.

2- Lucky people are always open to possibilities
As i said, lucky people are highly flexible to situations, they are open to new opportunities. Opportunities that weren't expected, opportunities that fears other. In India, there are many film stars and cricketers who were essentially engineers and doctors but as soon as they found that they were working well with other crafts, they left their jobs and became cricketers and film stars & they are immensely successful now.

3- Lucky people always believe their own guts more than any other thing
One of the easiest thing to do is to hear your intuitions. I can bet that almost more than 90% it will be right. You just have to learn how to crop off all your worries and fears and hear at the pure what sound is coming from inside. Don't ever do what doesn't feel you good inside.

4- Lucky people always be with them who appreciate him/her, not the ones who bully him/her
Rather than proving himself to unwilling persons, lucky people be where people appreciate them. This encouragement gets them to the peak of their performance & makes them luckier.

5- Lucky people love themselves

No matter they are beautiful or ugly, skinny or fat, lucky people always love themselves. They always believe that they are worth everything & they have that charm. There was a friend of mine who looked extremely ugly & was low-in-height but he always had beautiful more girlfriends than every other student of our school, just because he believed that he was worth it.

6- Lucky people are faster
Luck favors faster. Those who think fast, walk fast & do everything fast, gets everything earlier. Rather than thinking too much, lucky people tend to do too much. While you do, no matter you win or you fail, you get something new learned in your life. Thinking too much wastes your time and gets you at no end.

7- Lucky people are those with confidence

Lucky people always believe in themselves. They know that however people around you can be mightier & more charming than you, but they are unique to themselves. So they never feel down, seeing other high-performing people. They never compare themselves to others & be the best themselves.

8- They always do what they like no matter what people say
Lucky people tend to do what they like, not what they should. This is indeed too much necessary because when you do what you like, you will be able to do it like no one else.

9- Lucky people work with highest focus
As they are free of worries and fears, they always have laser sharp concentration in whatever they are doing & still they know everything that's happening outside!

10- Lucky people don't think too much
Those who think too much just lose the opportunities. Whenever you get opportunities, don't think too much. Dale Carnegie always said, if life gives you lemon, make lemonade. Whatever you get in the path of your life, make most out of it. Don't think too much. Just act too much.

11- Lucky people are doers

Lucky people do. Instead of wasting their time in thinking too much, lucky people just do the things.

12- Lucky people know what they are 

Whether they are intelligent or dumb, strong or weak, lucky people know who they are. They always spend few minutes a day alone to feel themselves and to think what they are good at & what they are lacking at. It enables you take the most right decisions in every step of your life.

13- They have keen desire of success! 

While others are sleeping they might be excelling their craft. Lucky people secretly work hard. While you may find them doing nothing and getting too much, you have to be in their life for few days to figure out the reality. However they might not be working too much openly, lucky people usually work hard when others are sleeping and enjoying.

14- Lucky people are consistent 

They fail as much as all of us do, they lose as much as all we do but they never quit. Lucky people don't ever lose their courage. When they are thrown eggs, they change their way of doing it & try it again! They accept all their faults for defeat and revamp their strategies instead of thinking that they can't do it.

15- Lucky people ignore critics

While most of people are discouraged due to critique, lucky people just ignore others and continue doing and improving their crafts. They have deep faith of whatever they're doing is just awesome & one day people will know it & even if they don't, it doesn't matter.

16- Lucky people see themselves as lucky ones
No matter they fail or they win, they always see the positive aspects of life, miseries don't let them down. Lucky people always feel and believe that whatever happens is good & will be somehow in their won good. So even if they are defeated, they consider themselves to be winners & to be lucky somehow.

17- Lucky people always keep learning & changing

Lucky people are not the ones with firm minds. They are the ones with flexible minds. They always keep learning more & more things even if they are expert & they change with time. If you don't change with time, you will get unlucky gradually.

In a simple experiment about luck, Mr. Richard Wiseman divided a group of people into two, one consisted of people who believed themselves to be lucky ones and another consisted of unlucky ones. They were given newspaper and asked to look through it and tell him how many photographs were inside. Mr. wiseman had secretly placed a large message halfway through newspaper saying: "tell the experimenter you have seen this and win $50".

This message took up the half of the page and was written in the type that was more than 2 inches high. However it was staring everyone straight in the face, unlucky people tended to miss it while lucky people tended to spot it.

The study clearly proved that lucky people are "lucky" because they are flexible to situations and expectations. They are open to opportunities and more willing to try out new things compared to unlucky ones. Unlucky people tend to miss the opportunities sometimes as they are anxiously focused on just one thing & due to that they miss many other opportunities which would be rather catched by lucky ones.

All in all, from my personal experience & diverse study in this matter of being lucky, i can say that to be lucky,

- Think of good, ignore bad.
- Be with people who encourage you.
- Do what you enjoy.
- Open to opportunities.
- Try out things which others might be fearing of.
- Never let your fears and worries surround you.

So next time when you feel unlucky, just try to change your point of view and act differently. I'm sure you will also be able to find your own luck. There is never too late to get lucky!